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Ru Kiln Porcelain Tea-ceremony Tea Set Suite,Chinese Tea Set Wholesale


Ru Kiln, located in ancient Ruzhou, (now in Linru,Henan Province), was an official Kiln for the royal family created in the first year of Emperor Hui, Daguan in the Northern Song Dynasty (1107). Ru Kiln was a celadon kiln and was deeply influenced by Yue Kiln. All its porcelains were featured with delicate and neat body, glaze and production methods. Celadon from Ru Kiln had very delicate body. As the clay it used contained a small amount of copper, porcelain would show a tiny red when went against sunshine. Some clay contained some grey and yellow color, which was also called “incense ash base”. Most of the glaze color are sky green, pink green, sky blue, as well as bean green, dark green, moon white and orange peel pattern. The surface of the glaze was soft and gentle, clear like jade. The decoration patterns are also crystal and changeful, which was delightful for eyes. As Ru Kiln produced a large sum of daily utensils and exhibits for Song royal families. Teawares were once produced in a large sum of daily use of the royal family. However, Ru Kiln did not work for a long time. Later, it was invaded by the Jin army and stopped its production. Therefore, they were only a few teawares from Ru Kiln, which made these teawares very valuable. More Information


TSS17-A: 120USD/unit

Material: Ru Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 15 items (1teapot + 1gaiwan +8 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter +1 tea canister +1 teawash+1 tea-ceremony group)

1unit : 2 suites, about 6KG


TSS17-B: 45USD/unit

Material: Ru Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 9 items (1teapot /gaiwan+ 6 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter)

1unit : 5 suites, about 6KG


TSS17-C: 140USD/unit

Material: Ru Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 10 items (1teapot + 1gaiwan +6 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter )

1unit : 2 suites, about 6KG





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Ru Kiln Porcelain Tea-ceremony Tea Set Suite,Chinese Tea Set Wholesale

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