Moon Light Beauty Tea,Moon Light White Tea,Pu-erh Raw Tea


This tea is a kind of puer tea that adopts special production process. Its blade surface is black while the blade back is white, black alternating with white. The pekoes of the buds and leaves revealed white just like a crescent moon. And the bud with the two leaves whole looks just like the moon in night, so it named” White Moonlight”.. More Information


DT49-A: 30USD/unit  (1unit=15cakes, 1cake=0.1KG)

***Aged Tree White Tea/Big Tree Spring Tea Cakes, aged tea in 2019 ***


DT49-B: 50USD/unit  (1unit=1KG)

***Moon Light White Tea/Single-bud, Fresh loose tea of 2020 spring tea ***


DT49-C: 30USD/unit  (1unit=1KG)

***Moon Light White Tea/1 bud and 1 leaf tea, 2018 spring tea ***






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Pu-erh White Tea/Moon Light Beauty Tea,Pu-erh Raw Tea Wholesale

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