Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Tea Varieties & Grades:


PRTM-21: 30USD/KG (1unit=1kg, cask packaging about 2kg)

***5 years aged lao-cha-tou, Ripe tea***


PRTM-22: 40USD/KG (1unit=1kg, cask packaging about 2kg)

***Gold bud lao-cha-tou, Ripe tea made in 2005***


PRTM-23: 25USD/KG (1unit=1kg)

***8 years aged lao-cha-tou, Ripe tea***


PRTM-24: 25USD/KG (1unit=1kg, bamboo basket packaging about 1.3KG)

***Sui Yin Zi, 6 years aged Ripe tea***


PRTM-25: 15USD/KG (1unit=1kg)

***Sui Yin Zi, Sticky-rice Aroma***



More Products of Pu-erh Tea, Please Download Chinese Dark Tea Wholesale List


Pu-erh lao-cha-tou ( Pu-erh tea lumps), Pu-erh Ripe Tea /Raw Tea Wholesale

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