Tea Varieties & Grades:


DT73-A: 60USD/unit

(1unit=1 brick/ 1brick= 1KG /Ripe Tea) 

***Banzhang Jinya Tea Brick/  100-years Ancient Tree Spring leaves***


DT73-B: 70USD/unit

(1unit=2 bricks/ 1brick= 1KG /Ripe Tea) 

***Bingdao Ripe Tea cakes/ aging tea leaves in 2008, compressed in 2017**


DT73-C: 60USD/unit

(1unit=10 bricks/ 1brick= 0.25KG /Ripe Tea) 

***Yunnan Aging Fragrant Tea Cake/ Yiwu Ancient Tree Tea/Aged Tea in 2002**


Pu-erh Brick Tea, Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea Wholesale

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