Notice: These teas are directly small family tea farms in original tea production areas. the order process time is about 1 week, because these family tea farms are in romote tea villages in Fujiang, or GuangDong province.; And sometimes, the tea farmers can not provide tea because the teas are sold out.


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Name: Pu-er Tea/ Pu-erh Tea

Tea Farmer: Mr. Mingyong Li

Catagory:  Dark Tea

Region: Da Qing Village, Jing Gu County, Pu er City ,Yunnan Province.


Wholesale Prices:

TFW12-A: 75USD/0.5KG

( Pu-erh Raw loose Tea / made with leaves of 200-years aged tea tree)


TFW12-B: 55USD/1KG

( Pu-erh Raw loose Tea / Wild-growing tea / Spring Tea)


TFW12-C: 70USD/1unit (1unit=3 cakes, 1cake=357g)

( Pu-erh Raw Tea Cakes /  Spring Tea)



Pu-erh(Puer, Po Lei or Bolay) is a variety of post-fermented tea produced in Yunnan province, China. Post-fermentation is a tea production style in which the tealeaves undergo a microbial fermentation process after they are dried and rolled. This is a Chinese specialty and is sometimes referred to as dark tea. There are a few different provinces, each with a few regions, producing dark teas of different varieties. Those produced in Yunnan are generally named Pu'er, referring to the name of Pu'er county which used to be a trading post for dark tea during imperial China.
Pu'er is available as loose leaf or in various compressed forms. There is also the differentiation of raw (green,生sheng) and ripened (cooked 熟shou) types. The shou type refers to those varieties that have gone through a proper post-fermentation process,while the sheng types are those in the process of gradual darkening through exposure to the environmental elements. Certain selections from either type can be stored for maturity before consumption.That is why some are labelled with year and region of production.



All types of pu'er tea are created from máochá (毛茶), a mostly unoxidized green tea processed from a "large leaf" variety of Camellia sinensis found in the mountains of southern Yunnan. Maocha can undergo ripening for several months prior to being compressed to produce ripened pu'er (also commonly known as cooked pu'er), or be directly compressed to produce raw pu'er.
Summary of pu'er processingPu'er is typically made through the following steps:
- green/raw 青普: sun fixation筛青 > rolling揉捻 > sun drying晒干
- dark/ripe 熟普: sun fixation晒青 > rolling揉捻 > piling 渥堆 > sun drying晒干
- added processes: green and dark pu'er can be compress/shaped into cakes and aged.
Ripe pu'er (熟普) is produced in the same way as raw (青普), but with the addition step of wet piling (渥堆), a process similar to composting, just after fixation, prior to being dried.



When appreciating Puer, one should pay special attention to the color of the liquor. Good Puer should have an intense reddish brown color with a layer of golden sheen, known as the “golden touch”. There should be a thin oily layer floating on top of the liquid. When it comes to the taste, one should be looking for a smooth and solid texture with slightly sweet aftertaste. Bad Puer often tastes bitter, moldy and sour.



Drinking pu'er tea is purported to reduce blood cholesterol. Pu'er tea has been shown to have antimutagenic and antimicrobial properties as well.
It is also widely believed in Chinese cultures to counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption. In traditional Chinese medicine, the tea is believed to invigorate the spleen and inhibit "dampness." In the stomach, it is believed to reduce heat and "descends qi".
Pu'er tea is widely sold as a weight loss tea or used as a main ingredient in such commercially prepared tea mixtures.

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