Place of Origin:  Nan Tou  County, Taiwan.


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Milk Oolong Tea / Milky Fragrant Jin Xuan Tea 


TWMO-A1: 80USD/0.6KG

***High-mountain Oolong Tea/Taicha No.12/Milk fragrance***


TWMO-A2: 95USD/0.6KG

***Alishan Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea/Milk fragrance***


TWMO-A3: 120USD/0.6KG

***Alishan Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea/High-Mountain Oolong Tea***



TWMO-A1S: 10USD/Unit

TWMO-A2S: 10USD/Unit

TWMO-A3S: 10USD/Unit

***Small sampler of A1 or A2 or A3/1unit= about 15g***



Taiwan milk oolong tea belongs to the improved variety of Taiwan oolong tea. It is a kind of semi-fermented tea, which is developed from the green tea and black tea. And its quality also is between the green tea and the black tea. It is known as “green leaf with red edging”, with stong taste of black tea and delicate fragrance of green tea. It needs to be brewed by high temperature water. The tea color shows orange, and it tastes mellow and sweet with natural elegant milk fragrance. At the first time of brewing, you will smell the warm fragrance. At the second time, you should smell the tea fragrance. And the third time, the fragrance will last long.;Milk fragrance adds tea fragrance.If you deguster the tea patiently and quietly, you also will smell the light orchid fragrance.


“Jin Xuan milk Oolong” is the best quality in Taiwan’s teas. And it is one of the popular top grade tea in Taiwan.


How to Prepare Milk Oolong Tea:

Heat water to 90c (add a little cool water to the cup with boiling water to reduce temperature) and add one teaspoon loose leaf tea per cup (apprx. 8 ounces). Infuse the tea leaves for 1-2 minutes depending on taste preference. May be infused 3-5 additional times.

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