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Place of Origin: Mei Tan County, Guizhou Province.

Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea




***YuQian Tea/Meitan QueShe Tea/1 bud and 1 leaf***


***YuQian Tea/Meitan QueShe Tea/Single Bud***


***YuQian Tea/Meitan QueShe Tea/Single Bud***


***MingQian Tea/Meitan QueShe Tea/Supergrade Tea***



***YuQian Tea/Meitan Green Needle Tea/1 bud and 1 leaf***


***YuQian Tea/Meitan Green Needle Tea/Single Bud***


***MingQian Tea/Meitan Green Needle Tea/Supergrade Tea***


明前茶 MingQian tea :refers to green tea produced before Pure Brightness (Apr.4,5 or 6);
雨前茶 Yu Qian tea: refers to green tea produced before Grain Rain (Apr.19,20 or 21)

The “common tea”and “Yu Qian Tea” are consumed by China People in daily life.
“Ming Qian Tea” are looked as treasure tea or gift tea which are more expensive with relatively small amount.

Formerly known as Meijiang Tea, Meijiang CuiYa Tea is named after the Mei River where it is produced. The area’s climate is ideal for the production of tea. The climate is mild and features abundant rainfall and fertile soil. The best Meijiang Ya Tea is picked around the time of China’s Tomb Sweeping Festival which falls around the beginning of April. The tea is also picked at other times of the year, but is not as high quality as the early spring tea. Once picked the tea is left in the shade to dry about three to five hours before processing to allow slight oxidation to take place. The tea’s liquor has a greenish tint and a mellow taste with hints of sweetness.


Guizhou Province located in China's southwest besides being rich in natural wonders and ethnic minority culture, is an important production area for green tea. Tea trees require warm humid weather with an alkali soil and Guizhou, located in a subtropical zone has idea conditions for the production of tea.

Green tea is a way of life in Guizhou province and the export business of the country's favorite drink is booming.With its subtropical climate and unpolluted clean air, Guizhou is ideal for growing high-quality tea. In fact, the brand has been so successful it is developing a growing international reputation."The earth in the Guizhou Plateau has rich zinc and selenium, and the favorable earth conditions highlight the high nutritional values in tea,"The province has mild average temperatures with excellent rainfall-ideal conditions for growing green tea.

Naturally, the growth cycle for green tea in Guizhou is fairly slow because of the high altitude. While the shorter cultivation period in other provinces produces higher yields, Guizhou's green tea absorbs more nutrients during a longer growing period, making it a premium brand.

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