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 Pu-erh Loose Tea


ST3-A: 20USD/unit

(Ripe Tea/ Fermented Tea about 5 years)


ST3-B: 15USD/unit

(Raw Tea/ Unfermented Tea)


1 Unit= 250g

Package: tea bag


Pu-erh tea is the specialty of Yunnan. It takes Yunnan large-leaf sun-cured tea leaves as materials.  There are fermented and unfermented teas. Tea made through natural fermentation is unfermented tea while that fermented artificially is fermented tea. And the unfermented tea could gradually turn into the fermented after a long-term natural fermentation. Both unfermented tea and fermented pu-erh teas are produced into diffused and condensed tea.  And condensed tea is divided into square tea, Tuo Tea, and round-shaped tea by shape.

Meet Chinese Tea: Pu-erh Loose Tea

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