Tea Sample 


Name:Feng Huang Dan Cong Oolong Tea 

Sample Unit: about 20-30g. including 3-4 grades of the tea(3-4 samplers)

Package: Gift Package/Small metal canister

Region: Feng Huang Mountain, Chaozhou, Guang Dong.


A1: MiLanXiang Dancong(Honey orchid aroma)/Baiye Dancong Tea


A2:YaShiXiang Dancong/ YinHuaXiang Dancong Tea


A3:Rou Gui Xiang Dancong (Cinnamon Fragrance) Tea


A4:DaWuYe Dancong Tea


A5:Gui Hua Xiang Dancong(Osmanthus Fragrance) /Qun Ti Xiang Dancong Tea


A6:DongFangHong/Oriental Red Dancong Tea


A7:You Hua Xiang Dancong (Pomelo flower Fragrance)


A8: HuangZhiXiang Dancong Tea


A9: High-mountain ChiYe Dancong Tea


A10: ZhiLanXiang Dancong/Irises & Orchid Fragrance



Different types of Fenghuang Dancong Oolong Tea (Phoenix Oolong Tea)

Possibly the only Oolong tea that is still processed the old fashioned way, Fenghuang Dancong bushes are growing between 500 to 1400 meters above sea level on the SE mountains slopes of Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mountain in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China.Fenghuang Dancong’s production is very limited due to the tea trees’ unique geographical preferences. Local people discovered Dancong tea trees in the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) and started to farm it. As the tip of the leaves resembles the shape of bird beak, it is also called "bird beak tea".


Unique features of Dancong tea

The unique features of Dancong tea lies in its “mountain feel” and “flowery tastes”.

The “mountain feel” or “Shan Yun” comes from the habitat of the tea trees. Untouched by modern world, the mountains are densely wooded with a rich layer of nutritious soil containing various minerals. The rocks are consisted primarily of shale rock which is easily eroded, adding to the mineral contents of the tea. As Fenghuang Mountain is in the monsoon rain zone, the plentiful rainfall, thick layer of soil, and dense woods contribute to the year around water supply.

Fenghuang Dancong tea trees grow between 360m and 1450m above sea level. For those above 600m, the “mountain feel” is quite obvious. The higher the elevation, the stronger the feel.

The flowery tastes come from the various amino acid contents in the tea leaves. These natural flavors are quite different from the flower teas like jasmine tea.


Different types of Dancong tea

Dancong is geographically divided into Fenghuang Dancong and Lingtou Dancong. In 1950, grading system was introduced for tea processed in Fenghuang Mountain.


  • Fenghuang Dancong (single tree tea processing)
  • Fenghuang Langcai (different processing technique. Lang means stirring, and Cai means vegetables. Langcai means stirring vegetables in a wok, used to describe the important process of Dancong tea)
  • Fenghuang Shuixian, a general term, though the leaves are less quality than the previous 2.
  • Natural flower flavors: 53 different types;1,Honey orchid aroma(蜜兰香MiLanXiang)2,Huang Zhi Xiang(黄枝香)3,Osmanthus(桂花香GuiHuaXiang)4,Magnolia(玉兰香YuLanXiang)5,Bai Ye (白叶单丛BaiYe)6,Ginger aroma (姜花香JiangHuaXiang)7,Tuberose(夜来香YeLaiXiang)8,Almond(杏仁香XinRenXiang)9,Wild Bai Ye (野生白叶)10,Song Zhong (宋种)11,Wild Shuixian (野生水仙)12,Qun Ti Xiang (群体香)13,Oriental Red(东方红DongFangHong)14,Golden Dancong Black tea(金单丛红茶Jin Dancong Black Tea)15,Snow flake Da Wu Ye(雪片大乌叶)





Meet Chinese Tea: Fenghuang Dancong Oolong Teas (Sampler)

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