Name: Wuyi Rock-essence Tea

Package: Gift Package.

Catagory:  Oolong Tea

Grade: Topgrade or Supergrade

Region: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian .


1unit =about 128g/ Small sample bags (8g*16bag)


ST20-A1: 30USD/unit

***Laocong Shuixian 老枞水仙***

ST20-A2: 30USD/unit

***Huangmeigui 黄玫瑰***

ST20-A3: 30USD/unit

***Flower Fragrant Shuixian花香水仙***

ST20-A4: 30USD/unit

***Zhengyan Rougui 正岩肉桂***

ST20-A5: 30USD/unit

***Qilan 奇兰***

ST20-A6: 30USD/unit

***Bairuixiang 百瑞香***


ST20-A7: 40USD/unit

***Zhangyan Dahongpao + Zhengyan(Matouyan) Rougui/Supergrade Tea***





Different Varieties/Mingcongs of WuYi YanCha/Rock Tea


Wuyi Rock Tea, with its "special rock charm and fragrance" is well-known at home and abroad. The most famous is the Big Robe Tea for it is the King of Tea.

The Wuyi Rock Tea is especially noted for its high quality, due to its natural environment of green mountains and clear waters, as well as its unique techniques. Therefore when you drink the tea, you'll fell an everlasting fragrance in your mouth. The "rock charm" of the tea has always been a delight and a desire.

The main component of Wuyi Tea is middle-sized or small-sized leaves and tea made of these leaves is called Wuyi rock-essence tea, which is the earliest Oolong Tea and the treasure of Oolong Tea. It grows in the area governed by Wuyishan City.

The meaning of Wuyi rock-essence tea: It’s Oolong Tea with unique flavor grown in specific natural ecological environment in Mount Wuyi, bred and cultivated from proper tea trees and made with unique traditional technology.


The traditional varieties of Wuyi rock-essence tea are: Shuixian, Rougui, Wuyicaicha, Aijiaooolong and so on.


Rare varieties: Chosen from Wuyicaicha, there are Big-Red-Robe, Tieluohan, Baijiguan, Shuijinggui, Bantianyao, Beidou and so on.


here are many kinds of Wuyi rock-essence tea, with famous teas of several dozens. Among these kinds, the “famous plants (Mingcong)” called “the king of rock-essence tea” is the most famous and rarest. The “four most famous plants” refer to bright red gown (Da-hong-pao), ferric arhat (Tie-luo-han), white cock (Bei-gong-ji) and watery goldfish (Shui-jin-yu). The bright red gown tea, the best kind among oolong and which grows on the crag of the Tianxin Rock, is clear and smells sweet after being brewed in boiled water. Besides the mellow, faint scent, the ferric arhat tea, the earliest tea in the Wuyi Mountain, has the function of fever cure. There is some other famous tea like Wuyi cinnamon.

Tea leaves from the heartland of Wuyi Mountain, called “Zhengyan Tea”, are the most excellent among all kinds of Wuyi rock-essence tea. As these tea leaves are brewed in the water, they smell sweet and mellow for a long time and taste without bitter or acerbity. This unique sweet smell is called “Yanyun (Lasting Appeal of Rock)”.


Meet Chinese Tea: Appreciating Mingcongs of Wuyi Rock Tea

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