Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, is a fresh water plant that has been grown in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean for over 5000 years. China and Japan classify the lotus as a vegetable and regularly eat the roots, called rhizomes, as well as its stems and leaves. Petals are used to spice dishes and to make teas. The seeds, a major export from China, are prepared in many ways for eating or healing applications.


Seeds are available in various dry fruits store and you can eat it just like popcorn. But unlike popcorn, lotus seeds are healthy and offer many benefits. It is commonly known as makhana in India and is small, round and white or off-white in appearance. They are the edible seeds of lotus flower which can be roasted or fried. Lotus seeds are used for nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine. The lotus seeds are highly useful in terms of nutritional benefits and are low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol; high in magnesium potassium, thiamine and phosphorus. Besides being edible, the lotus plant has many health and beauty benefits as well. You can use makhana seeds in desserts, rice porridge, soups and stir fry dishes.


Nutritional Value

Apart from their sweet taste, lotus seed is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Consuming 100 gram of lotus seeds 0.621 mg of Manganese, 168 mg of Phosphorus, 0.171 mg of Vitamin B1, 56 mg of Magnesium, 17.28 g of Carbohydrate and 0.168 mg of Vitamin B6. Moreover many Amino acids 0.059 g of Tryptophan, 0.2 g of Threonine, 0.205 g of Isoleucine, 0.326 g of Leucine, 0.264 g of Lysine and 0.072 g of Methionine are also found in 100 gram of lotus seeds.


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13 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seed



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