Jun Kiln Porcelain Tea-ceremony Tea Set Suite


TSS15-A: 30USD/unit

Material: Jun Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 7 items (1teapot + 6 cups )

1unit : 5 suites, about 6 KG


TSS15-B: 65USD/unit

Material: Jun Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 9 items (1teapot + 6 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter)

1unit : 5 suites, about 7.5 KG


TSS15-C: 45USD/unit

Material: Jun Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 10 items (1teapot + 6 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter+1 cansiter)

1unit : 3 suites, about 6 KG


TSS15-D: 60USD/unit

Material: Jun Kiln Porcelain

Suite: 13 items (1teapot + 8 cups +1 sharing cup +1 filter+1 cansiter + 1 tea-wash)

1unit : 2 suites, about 6 KG


Jun Kiln was the second official kiln built during Emperor Hui Zong of the Song Dynasty after the Ru Kiln, located in Junzhou (now city of YuZhou, Henan Province). Thus it was named as “Jun Kiln”, all the Jun Kiln porcelains were fired twice. Items were fired nakedly for the 1st time and glazed to fire for the 2nd time. Jun porcelains have various kinds of glaze colors. Red, blue, green, white, and purple mixed together like rosy clouds. The reason of this art effect was that the ingredients added during firing contained gasified copper. This was a great invention in Chinese porcelain history, called “Change in the kiln”.

Jun Kiln Porcelain Tea-ceremony Tea Set Suite,Chinese Tea Set Wholesale

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