Ginseng Oolong Tea or lan gui ren (兰贵人), is a popular nourishing tea in Hainan.Ginseng Oolong Tea (lan gui ren 兰贵人) is an invigorating blend of Oolong Tea, Ginseng, Pink Reineckea Herb and Kuding Tea.

Ginseng has long been renowned as a medicinal herb. It's frequently used for enhancing physical and mental endurance, strengthening resistance to stress and fatigue, boosting the immune system and revitalizing cell activity; Oolong tea is known for its orchid-like aroma and lingering sweet aftertaste. It's also effective in alleviating or preventing indigestion. Research also suggests that oolong tea may help to lower cholesterol levels.


Drinking of ginseng oolong tea provide with many health benefits such as;

* It helps in decreasing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body.

* Its aids in digestion and helps in warming the stomach.

* It has the property to stop the growth of cancerous cells and thus help in preventing cancer like skin cancers, ovarian cancers, etc.

* Eases the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

* It helps in stimulating the body as well as in restoring the energy level in the body.

* Ginseng used to protect the liver and boost the immune system.

The beneficial health effects of this tea can be derived only by drinking it without milk because the proteins in the milk decrease the tea compounds which help in protecting against heart diseases. The lingering rich taste and aftertaste sweetness makes ginseng oolong tea, a desirable one.

Brewing Tea

The tea can be infused for 4-6 times. Please use hot water to completely unfurl the tea when brewing it. Yixing or porcelain tea ware is recommended.



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