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Notice: These teas are directly small family tea farms in original tea production areas. the order process time is about 1 week, because these family tea farms are in romote tea villages in Fujiang, or GuangDong province.; And sometimes, the tea farmers can not provide tea because the teas are sold out.


Tea farmer & Tea Maker Direct Wholesale Service

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Name: Gardenia Scented Black Tea

Tea Farmer: Mr. Sheng Jia

Catagory:  Scented Tea

Region: Nan-shan-tou Village, Cang Nan County, Wen Zhou City ,Zhejiang Province.


Wholesale Prices:

TFW18-A: 105USD/0.5KG (small tea-bag package)

( Gardenia flower & Souchong Black Tea / handmade with traditional technolgy )


TFW18-B: 75USD/1unit 

( Tea cakes / 1unit=2 cakes, 1cake=350g)


Chinese Flower Tea is a unique class of Chinese tea. It subdivides into Flower Tea and Scented Tea.  Flower Tea is a simple concept where dried flowers are used, without much processing, to make tea. Scented Tea uses green tea, red tea as base and mix with scent of flowers. Chinese Flower Tea has light to medium flavor and medium to strong aroma.
Although, many teas are still flavored directly with flowers, herbs, spices, or even smoke, teas with more specialized flavors are produced through the addition of flavorings or perfumes. This is particularly true for tea blends with pronounced fruit or flower aromas, where the flavours cannot be achieved with the original ingredients. Due to the amount of scents that can be produced by the mentioned artificial methods, the section will concentrate on teas flavored directly with the original scent materials.
The production of truly outstanding scented teas is a matter of balancing flavor with aromatics. The result is the combination of an exceptional tea,  
complemented by an aroma of flowers or fruit oils. Scented tea should be made with the highest quality spring picked leaf and scented several times, using only fresh flowers or oils. Scented teas are fragrant and tempting and a treasure for any tea lover.


Most of us know gardenias as the big, white flowers that grow in our gardens or the source of a strong, floral smell that is used to make things like lotions and candles. But did you know that gardenia flowers, roots and leaves also have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Gardenia plants are members of the Rubiaceae plant family and are native to parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands, including China and Japan. Today the ethanol extract of gardenia fruit and flowers is still utilized in many ways in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. 


Top 6 Benefits of Gardenia Flowers

  • Helps Fight Inflammatory Diseases and Obesity.
  • May Help Reduce Depression and Anxiety.
  • Helps Soothe the Digestive Tract. Ingredients isolated from Gardenia jasminoides,...
  • Fights Infections and Protects Wounds. Gardenia contains many natural antibacterial,...
  • May Help Reduce Fatigue and Pain (Headaches, Cramps, Etc.)

  • Can Help Improve Cognition and Protect Memory

Gardenia Scented Black Tea/Treasure Tea, Tea farmer/Tea Maker Direct Wholesale

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