Flower Ball Tea/ Flower Pearl Tea


Wholesale Price/ Quantity


HT96-A1: 10USD/unit

***1 tea-ball = about 9g /1unit=15 tea-balls***

HT96-A2: 25USD/unit

*** 1 tea-ball = about 9g /1unit=50 tea-balls***



Tea Name/ Variety


B1: Rose Petals ball

B2: Yellow chrysanthemum ball

B3: Roselle ball

B4: Mix-flowers ball

B5: Golden chrysanthemum ball

B6: Lily ball

B7: Jasmine ball

B8: Peony ball

B9:  Rose Ball

B10: Carnation ball



it can be called blooming tea (开花茶) or craft flower tea.it is made when green tea leaves with similar length are wrapped around flowers to form a ball with the flowers inside, while the tea leaves coat the outside, then they're wrapped to keep the shape and are dried and preserved with a special procedure. That's why they are called craft tea in China. They are works of art made with various elegant designs.


Brewing Instruction:
Take 1 handcraft tea, put into a 400ml tall tea cup (preferrably transparent glass that can tolerate hot water) and pour in hot water and cover for 3 minutes. Slowly watch the tea ball bloom into a beautiful flower! Enjoy your tea.






Yunnan Flower Ball Tea/ Flower Pearl Tea, Chinese Herbal Tea Wholesale

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