Rou Gui  is a Wuyi Oolong tea (as a Yan Cha or Rock Tea); the name literally means Cinnamon. Rou Gui is a very old tea type, highly prized for its rich flavours and is often served with food. It was first developed during the Qing Dynasty and one of the most common Oolong varietals grown in Wuyi. More Information


Rou Gui Tea, The traditional varieties of Wuyi Rock Tea Wholesale


Place of Origin:  Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Porvince.


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Tea Varieties & Grades:



(2nd grade / Fruity Aroma / Zhu Pit in Wuyi Mountain)


(2nd grade / Fruity & Flower Aroma / Da Shui Pit in Wuyi Mountain)


(1st grade / Fruity Aroma / Xiao Zhu Lin in Wuyi Mountain ASL700M)

WRRG-4: 130USD/KG  --5 yrs Aged Tea

(1st grade / Fruity Aroma / Xiao Zhu Lin in Wuyi Mountain ASL700M)

WRRG-5: 190USD/0.5KG  ---

(Zheng Yan Tea /Supergrade / Peachy Aroma / Shui Lian Cave in Wuyi Mountain,)


High-end Tea
WRRGH-1: 650USD/0.5KG

(Zheng Yan Tea /Rock & Flower Aroma / Ma-Tou Rock in Wuyi Mountain)

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Wholesale Price Unit : *USD/KG & *USD/0.5KG



Small & Sample package: 




Rou Gui Tea, The traditional varieties of Wuyi Rock Tea Wholesale

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