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The Gingko tree is popularly known as long life tree, and it is one of the oldest plant in the world.
It has always been viewed as the living fossil on the earth. which is honored as the national tree of China.
Scientific test shows gingko leaf can scavenge the free radical, prevent the platelet aggregation and thrombosis, dilate the cardio-cerebrovascuolar, improve the microcirculation, elevate the red blood cell activity of superoxide disnutase (SOD), and lower the production of lipid peroxidation. It is most suitable for cases of mental fatigue and over-intensified mental activity, hyperlipidemia and convalescent cardio-cerebrovascuolar diseases etc. meanwhile it also serves as supplementary administration for people in asthenia constitution or just recovered after malady with low immunity.

Gingko tea has a history of 1000 years in China. It was found in Hunan province and was recorded in the book Qi Min Yao Shu(齐民要术).This book detailed the cooking methods and medicinal properties of Gingko tea. From Yuan dynasty onwards, there was an abundance of records and book on this type of tea.
Since the early days, it was enjoyed by the royal household of China. The most recent being Cixi Empress dowager(慈禧太后) who loved this sort of tea. She used it for preserving the youth of her skin.

Gingko tea contains many vitamins, minerals and acids. Most importantly it has vitamins A E and B.
In Chinese medicine, it is good for elderly people, helps infants in their intellectual capacities, invigorates the body. Its vitamin complex B17 has the effect of resisting cancer and increasing one's immunity.
According to American scholars. this tea has low cholesterol and can lower blood pressure. It can smoothen the flow of blood circiulation. It can over time increase one's cranal capacity, vitality, keep the skin youngish looking.
This tea tastes good, smells fragrant and can be long-term taken without any side effects.


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