Cassia seed, better known as Jue Ming Zi in China, has a long history of being used as medicinal herb. “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, the oldest extant medical document in China, has spoken highly of this herb and claimed that it could treat all eye problems and help weight loss in long term consumption. So, what is cassia seed used for today?

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Jue Ming Zi is sweet, bitter, and salty in taste and slightly cold in nature. It mainly acts on the meridians of liver, kidney, and large intestine. Medicinally it is usually used for clearing liver fire, improving eyesight, and lubricating and softening the stools. Today, pharmacological studies show that this herb can help lower blood fat, reduce blood pressure, inhibit reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides, fight aging skin, and so on. Specially, it is more functional in controlling serum cholesterol levels, atherosclerotic plaques, and serum lipids levels.


Cassia seed tea benefits

1. The compounds contained in cassia seeds have amazing properties of detoxing liver and improving vision. No wonder in ancient time it is used to treat a variety of eye problems, including glaucoma, dry eyes, red painful eyes, blurred vision, and the like.

2. It contains emodin, a purgative anthraquinone. For that reason, it can be used as a laxative to relieve constipation due to the accumulation of large intestinal heat.

3. As is known to all that many popular teas, such as black tea and green tea, are good at lowering hypertension. This herb is no exception. The method is simply to make tea with them.

4. As mentioned above, it plays a role in suppressing the rising of serum cholesterol levels and the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Beside of reducing hypertension, it helps reduce blood lipids too.

In short, drinking this tea is good for purging liver fire, losing weight, detoxing the body, and so on. So, it is an ideal option for those who need to spend most of their time in front of computer screen. In addition, they can be also made into pillows with slight grass flavor. When people put their heads on the pillows, the hard seeds can provide neck and head meridian acupoint massage to relieve dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, and so on.

Cassia tora seed side effects

It can be used to brew tea alone or combined with goji berries and chrysanthemum. But it is important to note that just like rhubarb it contains anthraquinones, which are likely to cause intestinal melanosis if used in long-term large doses.

Besides, not all are suitable for the pillow made of cassia tora seeds since it may cause bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and other symptoms in some individuals. In this case, do not continue to use it any more or, worse still, it may result in irregular menstruation in a long run. After all, this is a purge that is bound to damage the ability of body’s resistance against disease in long-term usage, according to the TCM theory.



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