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Blue and White Porcelain Gaiwan, Chinese Traditional Porcelain Tea Set Wholesale


Gaiwan (Tea Bowl with Fitted Cover)

In term of the shape of teawares, besides tea pot and tea cups, tea bowls with fitted cover were another unique feature of teawares in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911), it included cover, bowl and base, which means “sky, earth and people” respectively, an ancient Chinese philosophy. The tea bowl with fitted cover could prevent the bowl from getting dust; also, it protected from being scalded. The base could hold the bowl and people could hold the base in order not to be scaled. In the Ming and the Qing Dynasties, Jingdezhen produced a large number of porcelain tea bowls with fitted cover, including celadon, five-color, clashing color, famille rose, underglazed red and single-color ones.


Among various kinds of faience teawares, blue and white porcelains attract the most attention. They refer to the patterns made directly in the porcelain bases and added a layer of transparent glaze with oxidized cobalt as colorant. They will be deoxidized about 1300℃ and then the porcelain will be completed. Blue and white patterns set each other off, simple but elegant. Since the pattern is made over the glaze, it looks brighter, which also adds charm to blue and white porcelain teawares. More Information


Material : Blue and White Porcelain / Jingdezhen Porcelain


KAC25-A: 30USD/unit (about 150ml)

KAC25-B: 30USD/unit (about 150ml)

KAC25-C: 30USD/unit (about 150ml)

KAC25-D: 30USD/unit (about 150ml)

KAC25-E: 30USD/unit (about 150ml)

KAC25-F: 30USD/unit (about 180ml)

KAC25-G: 30USD/unit (about 180ml)

KAC25-H: 30USD/unit (about 180ml)



Wholesale unit: 10 gaiwan as 1 unit

Safe Package weight: about 4 KG for 1 unit.


Blue and White Porcelain Gaiwan, Chinese Traditional Porcelain Tea Set Wholesale

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