Place of Origin: Huangjin Village, Baojing County Hunan Province.

Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Baojing Huang Jin Tea/Gold Tea



***Yuqian Tea/Roasted Green Tea***


***Yuqian Tea/Organic Green Tea***


BJWJ-A2: 155USD/0.5KG

***Mingqian Tea/Organic Green Tea/Topgrade Tea***


BJWJ-S1: 175USD/0.5KG

***Mingqian Tea/First Spring season Tea/Supergrade Tea***

BJWJ-S1S: 20USD/Unit

***1unit= about 30g/Sampler of High-quality Green Tea***


明前茶 MingQian tea :refers to green tea produced before Pure Brightness (Apr.4,5 or 6);
雨前茶 Yu Qian tea: refers to green tea produced before Grain Rain (Apr.19,20 or 21)

The “common tea”and “Yu Qian Tea” are consumed by China People in daily life.
“Ming Qian Tea” are looked as treasure tea or gift tea which are more expensive with relatively small amount.


The Gold Tea is produced in Huangjing Village of Baojing County,Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture ,in Central China's Hunan province.  This village of Baojing owns a total of 73,200 mu (4,880 ha.) of tea planting area now.The tea industry in the county has become a major support for the poverty alleviation task. More than thirty thousand tea farmers have shaken off poverty thanks to the boost of Gold Tea industry.


The tree is 4.5 meters high and located in Baojing county's Huangjin ("Gold") village, where over 2,000 tea trees date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.The tree, the oldest, is the only living plant on the province's intangible cultural heritage list. Leaves are harvested only once a year, in April, when the next year's harvest is auctioned off. The tree produces about half a kilogram of "golden tea" each year.Another bidder paid for 1 kg of golden tea leaves with 1 kg actual gold (around 225,000 yuan) at Wednesday's auction. At another event in 2011, 0.1 kg of golden tea leaves sold for 98,000 yuan.


The  Annual Best Baojing Huangjin (Gold) Tea Maker Contest was held in Baojing County, on March 31. Forty Baojing tea farmers competing for the title showed their tea-frying skills on site.






Baojing Huang Jin Tea/Gold Tea, Chinese Green Tea Wholesale

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