Silver Needle White Tea/ Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea


Place of Origin:  Fu Ding, Fujian Porvince.



BHYZ-B1: 105USD/0.5KG

***High-mountain White Tea/Sun-dried Tea/Rice-grain Bud Yinzhen Tea***


BHYZ-A1: 130USD/0.5KG

***High-mountain White Tea/Sun-dried Tea/Early Spring Tea***

BHYZ-A2: 175USD/0.5KG

***High-mountain White Tea/Sun-dried Tea/Mingqian Spring Tea***


BHYZ-S1: 195USD/0.5KG

***High-mountain White Tea/Frist Picking Spring Tea/Wild Tea/Supergrade Tea***


White Pekoe Silver Needle(Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea) is renowned as Beauty among teas because of its unparallel elegant shape and silver white, shinning appearance. It is sun-withered or dried without stir fixation or rolling, so White Pekoe Silver Needle is more primitive, more natural and healthier than any other kind of tea. While appreciating its unique appearance, color and quality, you'll be indulged in enjoying its taste.


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