Ba Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea & Black Tea


Place of Origin:  Da Qing Mounatin, Ping He County, Fujian Porvince.

Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea

Wholesale Price Unit : *USD/KG


Light or Moderate or Fully Fire Charcoal Baked Oolong Tea


BYQL-1: 25USD/KG (Light Fired Baked Tea)

BYQL-2: 40USD/KG (Light Fired Baked Tea / Topgrade)

BYQL-3: 80USD/KG (Moderate Fire Baked Tea /Topgrade)

BYQL-4:  130USD/KG (Fully Fire Baked Tea /Supergrade)


Bai Ya Qi Lan Black Tea


BYQL-B1: 55USD/KG (Flower Aroma Black Tea)

BYQL-B2: 105USD/KG (High-mountain Wild Tea)


Bai Ye Qi Lan Tea is a rare Oolong tea from Pinghe county in the south of FuJian Province.


It has about 250 years history, According to legend, in Qianlong (AD 1735 - 1795), there was  a special tea tree near a well in the Da Qin mountain in Pinghe county. Local People call the tea tree "bai ya qi lan", and they pick fresh tea leaves from the tea tree and made into Oolong tea, so they also call the tea "bai ye qi lan tea", it has a peculiar smell of orchids, tea soup is clear and bright. Now, local people use asexual propagation method to expand the cultivation in pinghe county .




Ba Ya Qi Lan Charcoal Baked Oolong Tea & Black Tea, Chinese Tea Wholesale

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