It is known to all that albizia julibrissin flower, also known as He Huan Hua in Pinyin, is beautiful and endearing. However, very often its beauty makes people overlook its impressive rang of medicinal uses to help treat a variety of complaints. So to speak, it is lucky enough to be a kind of ornamental flower species but less fortunate to be a medicinal material. And this article is going to look in depth at the medicinal value and other information of the albizia flower.

What is albizia julibrissin flower?
Medicinally it refers to the dried flowers or buds of Albizia julibrissin Durazz. Albezia tree is a plant in the family of Leguminosae. And this herb is also commonly known as silk tree flower, albizzia flower, mimosa tree flower, He Huan Hua (literally translated as happy get-together flower), flos albiziae, flower of silktree albizzia, and so on. To ensure high quality, it is normally harvested in sunny summer days when it blooms and dried in time.

Medicinally its capitulum gathers into wrinkles. Flowers are slender, curved, 0.7 to 1cm long, yellowish brown or light brown, and with short stems. Calyx is tubular, sparsely pubescent, and with 5-tooth apex. The length of corolla tube is sparsely pubescent, about 2 times of calyx tube, and with 5-lobe apex and lanceolate lobes. Stamens are numerous. Filaments are slender, yellow-brown or brown, concrescent in lower, and separate in the upper part that extends outside the tube. It is easily broken, lightly scented, and tasteless.

As for main chemical constituents, there are in total 25 types of flower aromatic components identified, among which main aromatic components are trans-linalool oxide, linalool, isopentanol, a-ocimene, 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, and so on. In addition, it also contains cyanidin-3-glucoside.


Health benefits of albizia julibrissin

Albezia tree is full of treasures – both albizzia bark and flower are valuable Chinese herbs. Be that as it may, they have different healing properties and medicinal uses. As a result, these two different medicinal parts can’t be mixed in herbal remedies. Now albizia julibrissin flower extract and essential oil are widely used for dysphoria-induced wakefulness, depression, forgetfulness, and dreaminess. The evidence of these amazing albizia julibrissin effects can be identified from its pharmacological actions as follows.


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