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Jasmine Scented Green Tea

Scented tea is reprocessed green tea from baked base tea or roasted tea and the fresh nearly blooming flower buds as raw materials. Usually jasmine or other flowers, such as magnolia, bitter orange flower, chloranthus and gardenia are selected for adding fragrance.

A little gardenia optimozes scenting jasmine tea. However, too much gardenia will make " the fragrance of gardenia strong." It is normal to find some gardenia petals in the dried jasmine-scented tea. The quality of the scented tea depends on the quality of the base tea, the flower and the scenting technique.

The scenting process of jasmine tea is comparatively complicated. First, pick the jasmine flower and prepare the tea bases; secondly, select the nearly bloomed flowers, mix them with the tea base for static scenting; after the initial scenting, sift out the flowers and bake the tea leaf till it becomes dry. "Extracting flowers" is scenting with a small amount of top-quality fresh flowers and packing to store the scented tea. Only fresh flowers are used for every scenting of tea of high quality, while for lower grades, flowers are reused.

Scented tea has a strong, fresh and lasting fragrance. It is mellow and refreshing in taste, with clean bright liquid.

1, Jamine silver Needle Tea

The tea is needle-shaped, with white fuzz, clear yellowish-green liquid, fresh, strong and tasting fragrance, refreshing taste, and yellowish-green and tender brewed leaves.

2, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

The tea is pearllike with white fuzz, bright yellowish-green liquid, pure, authentic, strong, high and lasting mixed fragrance of jasmine and green tea, strong and heavy taste, and yellowish-green and slightly tender brewed leaves. The taste is usually stronger than that of jasmine silver needle tea.

3, Bi Tan Piao Xue Tea

The tea is produced in the area of Mt. Mengding. The tea is compact, fine, and curved with few dried jasmine flowers. The liquid is bright greenish-yellow, fresh, strong and with lasting fragrance. It is refreshing and mellow in taste, endures brew, and has tender and evenly settled brewed leaves.

4, Jasmine Nv Er Huan

The tea is a brand of organic jasmine scented tea. It is circular in shape, with white fuzz, bright yellowish-green liquid, pure and authentic fragrance, strong, heavy and refreshing taste and tender and soft brewed leaves with buds partly wrapped within tea leaves.

Jasmine is planted in Yunjiang and Changning Counties of Yunnan Province. Heng County of Guangxi Province, and Zhenghe County in Fujian Province.

Dried jasmine flowers are usually used for traditional Chinese medicine. Taken after meals, they have curative effects, such as aiding digestion, balancing vital energy and soothing the nerves, eliminating depression, relieving emotional tension, and other discomforts (e.g. fatigue, headache). In addition, the flowers are also made into fragrant packs or applied for showering, hair-washing and skin care.

Simple jasmine drink

Raw materials: 2-3g dried jasmine flowers; A small amount of sugar and honey

Brewing: Brew the flowers in hot water for 2-3 minutes, and add sugar and honey. Your drink is ready.

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