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Ancient Tea Set --- Purple Clay Tea Set 3

Storage and Maintenance of Purple Clay Tea-sets.

Daily maintenance is crucial in storing purple clay tea sets. In fact, a finished purple clay pot is very fragile and the spaces inside the clay became loose since the pot is fired. Thus, it may expand with heat and contract with cold. The maintenance of tea pots can improve its structural features. Some people treasure it and store the pot on a high shelf. This is actually ruining it. In fact, the purpose of maintaining the pot is to upgrade its “fragrance” and “brightness” and to show its elegance.

Purple clay pot will not look bright if collectors do not maintain it, no matter how outstanding the pot is. Especially those ancient pots with carved painting and calligraphy, they will have more stereoscopic patterns and elegant feeling after long time maintenance.

1.Both new and old pots should clear from dirt before use. Use boiling water to wash an old purple clay pot before making tea. When use a new pot, clean the inside and outside with water. Put the pot into a cauldron without grease and boil it with water. Add tea after boiling and extinguish the fire soon after. Use this temperature to simmer the pot. Take the tea out when the water is cooler and boil it again. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times. Then the clay smell will go away and it can moisten the new pot with tea at the same time.

2.Greasy dirt is the biggest danger to purple clay pots, so do not try applying oil to make the pot look brighter. Keep the pot away from oil when use and maintain it. Greasy dirt should be cleaned at once, or it will leave marks and affect its absorption of water. Use fine cloth soap to wipe it gently and lightly stroke it with hands to manifest its original look.

3.The more the pot is used, the more tea it will absorb. When the pot absorbs a certain amount of tea. The tea will permeate to the surface and give it a jade-like brightness. When making tea, the surface temperature of the purple clay pot is very high. Wipe it with wet cloth for many times until it cools down. Or pour the first round of tea in the cup and add boiling water into the pot. Then pour the water in the cup to the body of the pot in order to maintain the pot with tea. Stroke it gently with hands when the pot cools down. In addition, wipe the pot with the tea dreg in the pot to both clean the dirt on the pot and brighten its body.

4.Use a small soft brush or some clean cotton to wipe the pot when needed. Then wash it with boiling water and wipe the pot dry with a clean tea towel.

5.Some people leave tea dreg or water in the pot as they reckon this is good for the pot. Actually, after a period of time, bacteria will grow in the pot and emit odor and sour smell, which is harmful for both people and the pot. Clean the pot as soon as it is used by taking the dreg out and cleaning the inside and outside with hot water. Do not leave water stain or dreg behind. In addition, open the lid a little bit in order to dry the pot quickly as well as prevent it from having odor. If the pot is mildewed and smelly due to carelessness, fill the pot with boiling water after taking out tea dreg. Keep the boiling water for a while, pour it out and soak the pot in cold water. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times, then the odor will go away.

6.Give your purple clay tea pot a rest after using it for a period of time. Dry out the clean tea pot in a ventilated place. Try to seal the pot when storing. Try to avoid dust or grease in storing the pot, or the bright glaze may be damaged.

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