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9 Most Popular Chinese Flower Tea

Chinese flower tea is an assortment of health-caring drink, which is made through picking, drying, processing of bud, or petal of flower plants. It is a vanilla drink containing no actual tea leaves. Due to a number of varieties and different features, it couldn’t be best used until you get familiar with the pharmacology of different kinds. Due to the weight-loss, health-keeping and other benefits it has as well as the beautiful appearance, it receives great popularity, especially among females. Here’s the 9 most popular Chinese flower tea. They can either be drunk independently or mixed with other tea types.

  • Rose Tea

Chinese name: 玫瑰花茶 (mei gui hua cha)

Combinations: wolfberry, longan, jujube, rock candy…

The bud or petal of rose is used to make rose tea. It contains several kinds of Vitamins, Vitamin C in particular, which is helpful in resisting aging. Rose tea can also invigorate the circulation of blood, cure bruise and traumatic injury, diminish inflammation, smooth throat, promote the healing of the wound, relieve cardiovascular disease, make the liver goes well and facilitate the metabolism.

But people with constipation cannot use it for its strong convergence function; females in the period cannot use it for it can promote the circulation of blood; people in poor health like those who are often troubled by stomach cold and diarrhea cannot use it.

  • Chrysanthemum Tea

Chinese name: 菊花茶 (ju hua cha)

Combinations: red date, wolfberry, honeysuckle, hawthorn rock candy, honey…

Chrysanthemum tea is bitter. The medical effects make it a good drink to ease anemopyretic cold, headache, swelling and pain of eye. There are two kinds of chrysanthemum tea: yellow chrysanthemum tea and white chrysanthemum tea. The former is helpful in detoxifying and clearing inner heat while the latter can clear the liver and improve your eyesight. Weak people and those who are catching a cold should not drink it.

  • Jasmine Flower Tea

Chinese Name: 茉莉花茶 (mo li hua cha)

Combinations: rose, lavender, chrysanthemum, white sugar…

It is famous for its fresh and long-lasting fragrance, mellow taste, bright and green-yellow soup. It can comfort stomach and liver, smooth intestinal tract, ease your nervous and adjust the secretion of hormone. For female, it can be used to relieve the menstrual pain, reduce weight and keep young.

But some people are not advised to drink: people in poor health; people with Gastrointestinal blockage because the containment of some matters can do harm to the gastric mucosa; patients with anemia because it can inhibit the absorption of iron.

  • Honeysuckle Tea

Chinese Name: 金银花茶 (jin yin hua cha)

Combinations: mint, dried orange peel, chrysanthemum…

Bud and calyx pf honeysuckle are used to make this type of Chinese flower tea. It tastes a little bitter. It is good to drink in hot summer for it can help detoxify the body, relieve summer heat and make you feel cool. It can also reduce the redundant fat in your lower abdomen, and bring good effects on sore throat, tonsillitis, furuncle, enteritis. People in poor health and in their periods should not have it.

  • Osmanthus Tea

Chinese Name: 桂花茶 (gui hua cha)

Combinations: hawthorn, chrysanthemum, rose…

Bud and calyx are the main parts for processing. The fragrance smells well and travels far. As a type of Chinese flower tea, it can do you favors in moistening the lung, quitting cough, clearing sputum and relieving gaseous distention. It also can remove toxicant inside your body, whiten skin, and clear mind. Overdose should be avoided. People in constipation and pregnant women cannot use it.

  • Peach Flower Tea

Chinese Name: 桃花茶 (tao hua cha)

Combinations: lemon, lily, honey…

It is Chinese flower tea full of romance. The brewed tea has a natural fragrance of peach. It is a perfect drink for females, for it can be used to remove wrinkle and freckle and delay aging. Develop the habit of drinking peach blossom tea can make you look younger, invigorate the circulation of blood and cure bruise.

Pregnant women should keep away from it. People who suffer from indigestion cannot use it. Another side effect is that it can result in menostaxis.

  • Lavender Tea

Chinese Name: 薰衣草茶 (xun yi cao cha)

Combinations: lemon, rose, jasmine flower…

The bud and calyx are used to make it. It emits a strong fragrance. The function of Lavender is to make you relax, ease your nerves, remiss eyestrain and make you have a good sleep. Besides, this Chinese flower tea can also aid in caring skin and hair.

Pregnant women should avoid it. Also, those suffering stomach diseases and susceptible people are not advised to drink it.

  • Lily Tea

Chinese Name: 百合花茶 (bai he hua cha)

Combinations: honeysuckle, peach flower, wolfberry, honey…

The bud is used to make lily tea. It is a little bit bitter but has a mild characteristic. You can get lots of benefits from this Chinese flower tea like moistening the lung, curing cough and dizziness, clearing stomach, removing waste from your body and curing constipation. Pregnant and those who are troubled by diarrhea should keep away from it. The amount of lily should be controlled between 2~3g every day.

  • Magnolia Flower Tea

Chinese Name: 玉兰花茶 (yu lan hua cha)

Combinations: rose, chrysanthemum, honey, wolfberry…

It is made from Magnolia buds. It is helpful in curing headache and nasal obstruction, improving immunity, preventing cancer, reducing blood pressure and losing weight. People in fever, poor renal function, constipation, insomnia and lactating cannot use it.


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