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Dark Tea

Download Chinese Dark Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in Aug,2019). 

Green Tea

Download Chinese Green Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in Oct,2019). 

Oolong Tea

Download Chinese Oolong Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in Aug,2019). 

White & Yellow Tea

Download Chinese White Tea & Yellow Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in Aug,2019). 

​Herbal Tea

Download Chinese Herbal Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in May,2019). 

Black Tea

Download Chinese Black Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in Oct,2019). 

Scented Tea

Download Chinese Scented Tea Wholesale List (Upgraded in May,2019). 

​Purple Clay Teapot

Download Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set Wholesale List (Upgraded in Feb,2019). 

Kettle & Cup​

Download Kettle & Cup Wholesale List (Upgraded in May,2019). 

Tea-shop Materials

Download Tea-shop Materials Wholesale List (Upgraded in Jan,2019). 

Tea Tray & Tea Boat

Download Tea Tray & Tea Boat Wholesale List (Upgraded in Feb,2019). 

Tea Set Suite

Download Tea Set Suite Wholesale List (Upgraded in Jan,2019). 

Tea Set Accessory​

Download Tea Set Accessory Wholesale List (Upgraded in Apr,2019). 

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